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Troubled with your manual hiring process? Have full hiring automation, process control, trceability, analytics and your candidate database with Hire4X.
What's more? Hire4X packs a punch with Gen AI Features that help your Recruiters make smart decisions in a jiffy!

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Trusted by Hiring Managers from across all continents

Digitize your Hiring Process End to End with our Generative AI enabled ATS. Smart Gen AI feature will accelerate your Recruitment efficiency by at least 30%.

Job Applications Processed
Candidate Profiles Managed
Candidates Onboarded

Hire4X connects the right candidates to the right jobs, thereby drastically increasing hiring success rate of our teams.

Faster Hiring, Better Conversions

Making Hiring and Onboarding super-easy with Hire4x

Artificial Intelligence build-in with Hire4X makes the Candidate-Job matchmaking super easy and efficient.

Intuitive Interface.
Leading you to your next action rather than you searching for options.
Comprehensive Facts and Data.
Comprehensive Analytics gives you Quantitive control over your process.
Tiered Users and Access Levels
Make your Operations Safe by protecting sensitive Data.
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Everything you need in your ATS:

Key Features of Hire4x

Hire4X packs an exhaustive set of premium features designed specifically to completely automate your Hiring Process and give you the control over it.

Automating entire process flow from Job Posting to Onboarding.
Easy User Onboarding including User Training and handholding.
Flexible Support: On Call and on Mail.
Comprehensive Insights pinpoint process and performance Gaps.
Candidate Portal provides for an awesome Candidate Experience.
Agency Portal enables Agency Engagement for Sourcing.

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We do not believe in being a faceless organisation. Hence we provide comprehensive online onboarding to all our customers. Tiered Users and Access levels make our Operations Safe by protecting sensitive Data. On-Call Support to help you go through any teething challenges. Help you set-up your ATS.